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Yoga Guidelines

  • Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely.  Layers are recommended in case you get warm or cool.

  • Avoid heavy meals or a full stomach prior to practicing yoga

  • Notify the teacher of all special conditions and/or injuries

  • Even more important...notify your teacher of triumphs!

  • Please turn off or mute cellphones

  • Please arrive 10 - 12 minutes before class is to start to give you time to check in and be set up so class can begin on time

  • Bring your yoga mat and water.  Yoga mats are widely available.  If you don't have a yoga mat don't worry, we do have them for sale at the studio at excellent prices.

  • Please do not leave during final relaxation (Shavasana).  As you will learn, Shavasana is the most important part of a yoga practice and cherished by those in the class.  Leaving during final relaxation disrupts this important practice for you and the others.  If for some reason you need to leave early, please let the teacher know ahead of time and plan to leave after asana (postures) and before final relaxation.  If Shavasana is challenging for you in the beginning that is natural.  It will soon be a cherished time for you as well.

  • Explore your edge.  Take your postures to your personal edge.  This is where there is some yummy discomfort.  The connective tissue is being mildly elongated.  Think of when you have a great massage and the practitioner is working on a knot.  It's not always comfortable but you know it is good for you.  Pain is another thing!  Never, ever, ever practice into pain.  Yoga is not a force of action, it is an allowing of opening.  Letting go of tension, let go.

  • Respect your body and listen to your body!  Never consider the teacher or anyone else the authority of your body.  If a pose doesn't feel right or safe for you do not do it.  Ask yourself, is this my mind telling me I'm not capable, or is it my body saying I'm not ready.  Sometimes this will happen with a pose you do easily on many days, just not today.  It's OK.  Trust your body, your teacher can help with modifications. 

  • Teachers will be more proud of you for listening to your body and modifying your pose, than they would if you force yourself into it.  It is supposed to feel good and be good for you.

  • Always talk to your teacher if you want more information or have questions.  That is what we are here for!

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