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Yoga Goodies Store


The Yoga Inspired Retail Store has a selection of quality, fun or inspiring products to enhance your life and your yoga practice.


Yoga Mats - Our mats are chosen to be of the highest quality at great prices.  Our mats are higher in quality than you find at the local retail stores.  Our economy mats are larger, thicker and are better for the environment than those of the same prices elsewhere.  Our high end mats for the serious practitioner are soft, sticky and eco-friendly at an excellent price.  We know you'll find your favorite yoga mat with us.


Yoga Props - Our yoga props and tools will help you take your body into postures that may not be possible without them.  The right prop can help you take your practice to the next level.  Some of our tools are unique and you will be introduced to them in your classes with our teachers.


Yoga Toe Sox - Yoga is practiced with bare feet but sometimes you want to have your socks on!  Toe Sox are cool!  They keep your feet warm, while still allowing your toes the movement they need for postures and are sticky on the bottom so you don't slip.  We have a wide variety of sizes and fun colors!


Eye Pillows - Our selection of eye pillows are perfect for savasana or any relaxation practice.  A variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

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