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Yoga FAQ'S & Helpful Information


I'm not flexible, can I still practice yoga?

Yes!  Yoga isn't about being flexible, it will help you become more flexible, but yoga is about so much more.  Wherever your body is, is just fine.  Yoga will help you become stronger, more flexible and feel better in your body no matter where you are starting.


Is everyone going to be doing all kinds of crazy poses I can't do?

The population of people who come to yoga is as diverse as going to the mall.  With bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, people from all walks of life come together in a practice that is about calming your mind, elevating your spirit, and feeling good in your body.  You will notice we have indicated on the class schedule what kind of experience is suggested so you are in a class that feels right for you, where you are right now.  Pretty soon you'll find yourself in a pose you never thought you could do!


How often should I practice yoga?

A daily practice is ideal, however any time you come to your mat you are doing yourself a great service.  A weekly practice could include some physically challenging classes along with some gentle, calming classes.  Some days your body just may need to chill out and stretch, other days you may want to lift up your energy with an energetic class.  You will start to feel what your body wants.  Our schedule is designed to allow you a daily practice with a nice mix of experiences for your body and mind.  After awhile many people also have a "home practice" where you mix in some studio yoga with a teacher into your own practice at home. 


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely.  Layers are recommended in case you get warm or cool.


I have some issues with my back (or neck, knees, etc.). Can I practice yoga?

Yoga can be an amazing journey back to a healthy body.  Depending upon the level of your injury you would discuss it with your doctor to know what types of movements you should avoid and if your body is ready for yoga.  If all is well and you are just working back towards wellness, always tell the yoga instructor of any conditions we should be aware of and we can give you modifications. 


The most important thing is to respect your body and listen to your body!  Never consider the yoga teacher or anyone else the authority of your body.  If a pose doesn't feel right for you, do not do it.  Ask yourself: Is this my mind telling me I'm not capable, or is it my body saying I'm not ready?  Sometimes this will happen with a pose you can do easily on many days, just not today.  That's OK.  Trust your body, your instructor can help you with modifications for any pose.


What do I bring to class?

Bring your yoga mat and water, that's it!  Yoga mats are widely available.  If you don't have a yoga mat don't worry, we do have them for sale at the studio at excellent prices.


I'm happy with my current faith.  Is Yoga a religion? 

No, yoga is not a religion.  Yoga is a personal practice that adds to the celebration of any lifestyle or faith you currently practice.  Yoga is a union of your mind, your body and your you see it.  That being said, teachers may introduce spiritual practices that felt great to them.  If it resonates with you add it to your practice.  If not, leave it behind.  Your practice is all about you.


If you have any other questions about yoga or your personal practice, please feel free to call us anytime!

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