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New to Yoga?


Sometimes getting started in a yoga practice can be intimidating.  It doesn't need to be!  We are here to help you begin a life changing yoga practice with ease and fun.


The poses of yoga you see in books and magazines are inspiring and beautiful to look at, but they often make people feel like "I could never do that!"  Well trust us, in a regular yoga class you do not need to be a pretzel.  The pose goes to where you are, you don't go to it.


One thing we hear frequently is "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible enough!"  My goodness, that is why your body would love yoga!  The physical practice of yoga asana (posture) is to open your body and let your life force flow (feel great, vital and alive!).  Very few people (except contortionists) walk right into yoga and fold into pretzels.  Please let that worry go.  Oh yes, speaking of worry, yoga also helps us off the mat by finding strength and calm in challenging situations.  If you have any stress at all, yoga will be a gift you give to yourself.


If you are unsure about which class is right for you, worried about your current physical condition or injury, concerned you will be the "only guy" in class, or feel iffy about getting started in any way, we'll help you through it.


If you would like a yoga phone consultation to discuss what you are looking for in a yoga class and what concerns you, call ua or register through our Contact Us form!



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