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New Student

You've created your Yoga Inspired account. We want to welcome you and make you an Amazing New Student Offer!

Lots of Classes and Lots of Teachers. Check them out at the links below.

Easy parking both on street and in the lot behind our building (Simpson Avenue access).


If you are new to yoga or just the curious cat ...

Starting yoga is exciting and can be a little intimidating. We know you will grow to love yoga once you get going!

We recommend classes for beginners that range from gentle, to classes that are called "All-Levels". In All-Levels classes, students of varying levels practice together and the teacher will walk you through options, variations and modifications.


The studio is only open when classes/events are scheduled.

Whether you are looking for exercise, stress relief, a good stretch or spiritual renewal, we have the classes for you.

We are here to help you get started.

Send us an email or give us a call with any questions or additional information you'd like.

Yoga Etiquette ...

Respect others. Common sense really, but we state it (and our teachers will remind you) so that everyone can have a wonderful experience.

Phones set to Silent - if there is a personal emergency, please leave the studio to deal with it, then return to continue your class, as appropriate.

Please leave your shoes on the designated shelf, downstairs.

There is a time and place ... Some of our classes will be light and joyful. Others will have intentional, meditative qualities. Always follow your teacher's lead. If there is a moment of light humor, enjoy it! Most classes have a half hour before and after to provide ample opportunity for socializing, preparation and warm up in the studio.

Yoga Inspired is a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary to practice yoga and find your bliss. We are located in the beautiful old white bank building (51 South Broadway) in Pitman, NJ. The studio space is in the upstairs loft and offers beautiful light and wonderful ambiance for practice. It is tranquil, beautiful and has amazing energy. We hope you love the space as much as we do!

We want you to experience the richness of yoga and all of its depth.

Our teachers are very special people who are passionate about yoga and far surpass the training required to be certified with Yoga Alliance.

We are looking forward to meeting you!



The light in me, honors & recognizes the light in you

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