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Meet our teachers
Meet our teachers
Whether you come to yoga for stress relief, exercise, stretching, health, peace, joy, bliss or spiritual upliftment we will have a class and a teacher for you.
Our teachers are all certified and exceed the requirements of Yoga Alliance.  They continuously study yoga far above and beyond their certifications (including substitute teachers).  More importantly, they are teachers who are inspired to share their love of yoga with you.  We are a friendly studio where all feel welcome.  You need not worry about your current physical condition, being male or female, beginner or experienced.  Yoga Inspired is your sanctuary and the place where your physical and spiritual health are our passion.
CYT - Certified Yoga Instructor - This can mean a weekend certification or a highly credentialed Yoga Alliance approved certification. Be assured all Yoga Inspired teachers and substitutes have far surpassed the requirements of Registration with Yoga Alliance.
RYT - Registered Yoga Teacher (Registered with Yoga Alliance)
E-RYT - A yoga teacher who is an RYT with a minimum of two years and 1,000 hours of teaching experience.
CYT - KYTA - A yoga teacher who was trained with and Certified by Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, which has quality standards equal to Yoga Alliance.
Barbara Paulsen, CTY, E-RYT - Studio Owner
Barbara has been practicing yoga since 1992. Certified by the Center for Yoga and the Samata Yoga Center in Los Angeles, California she has a diverse background in Hatha Yoga.  Her training with Larry Payne, PhD. is inspired by the teachings of T.K.V. Desikarachar.  She teaches classes and workshops to all levels of students from beginners to advanced practitioners.  Her intention is to inspire her students to “look-within” for self-awareness, wisdom and inner peace.
In 2008 Barbara’s In Balance Yoga teacher training program was approved by Yoga Alliance. This program is an eclectic style of hatha yoga based on the principals of the yoga sutras and was founded on her love of yoga and the Divine.

Denise Ashcraft, CYT, RYT - Studio Owner
As a yoga enthusiast for many years I have cherished the personal growth, calm and strength I have enjoyed from my personal yoga practice.  Becoming a yoga teacher, and now a studio owner has been a fantastic and surprising path!  Now I get to share what I love with others, it's so fun!  It's such a pleasure to feel the relief wash over people as their stress melts away.  We have created the studio to bring joy, empowerment, relief, and community.   Nothing matters as much to me as creating a space and a Yoga Inspired family that cultivates a positive and uplifting energy. 

 Erik Marrero, CYT, E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500, MBSR Graduate & CES (Cancer Exercise Specialist)
Yoga found Erik in the Spring of 2007.  As a cancer patient, he enrolled in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, through the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson Hospital.  Erik was suffering from the side-effects of his cancer therapies.  In MBSR classes, students/patients are taught to meditate and practice gentle yoga.  These practices help reduce physical and psychological symptoms, increase the ability to relax, reduce pain levels, and enhance the ability to cope with pain that may not go away.  With the first yoga practice, Erik felt great physically and very at peace.
After graduating from the 8-week MBSR program, Erik continued his daily meditation practice and sought out yoga in a non-hospital environment. 
Erik strives to inspire his students to overcome obstacles, push their own limitations, move beyond the typical Hatha yoga realm, and to find mindfulness and ease-of-wellbeing with every breath, regardless of the pace, intensity, or complexity of the practice.
Angela Villone, CYT, RYT
Angela likes to focus on alignment as well as breath to create experiences that brings quiet attention to each aspect of class.  She has an easy going nature and keeps it "real" with a hint of humor.  Props are a standard feature of class to help find comfort and accessibility, support and ease.  Angela is firmly grounded and keeps class fresh with changes in sequence and routine.  You can expect the familiar but don't be surprised by a new challenge.
Laura Maron, CYT, RYT
My yoga journey began 15 years ago. I practiced yoga before, during and after my pregnancies, and through the years yoga has helped me find inner and outer strength to weather some truly stressful times. I am so grateful that now I’m able to share the gifts of yoga with others as a certified yoga teacher. 
I believe it’s important to do the poses, or asanas, carefully in order to avoid injury,  but I also believe that yoga is so much more than that. I encourage my classes to approach each practice with mindfulness, playfulness, and a healthy dose of curiosity about what their minds, bodies and spirits need at that time. We’ll move and breathe with intention, and we’ll smile every once in a while (just for fun).
Laura is also Certified as a Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor, she is a Mother of 2 and a former pre-school teacher.  In addition to her weekly adult yoga classes, Laura brings her unique background and experience to our Pre-Natal & Family Style Yoga.
Malini Patel, CYT, RYT
My Yoga journey began in 2007. It all started as a mother’s day gift from my kids. Started taking private classes with Bobbi Johnson my 1st yoga teacher.  She made my first yoga experience so inspiring and that lead to a full yoga practice and to Teacher training. Another inspiring teacher introduced me to Yin Yoga and I enjoyed Yin Yoga so much I attended Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Whatever style of yoga, it just feels great and I want to share that experience with others.
Mary LaMarra PhotoMary LaMarra, CYT, RYT
I was introduced to yoga in the late seventies after the birth of my first son.  While he was napping I discovered Richard Hittelman on PBS. He taught this wonderful stretching exercise that left me feeling calm and quiet.  Years later as I continued taking classes and discovered just how good yoga made me feel thoughout my body and mind, I decided I wanted to share this incredible experience with everyone.  I attended Rizzieri Institute for the Healing Arts and received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in April 2004. Since then I've continued my studies in many yoga methods.  My style is slow and conscious. Alignment is important as well as honoring your body. Keep breathing.
Xiaomin Cai, CYT, RYT
My yoga journey began in 1993, initially strictly as asana practice.  Over the years, yoga practice helped me grow physically and spiritually.  Yoga became my passion after living as a Yogini at Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, VA in August 2008.  The beautiful Sivananda training prepared me for sharing the Yoga experience through teaching friends and colleagues. My teacher training further affirmed my belief and enhanced my teaching skills.  I am so delighted to share my Yoga experience at Yoga Inspired Studio, where its goals reflect the great teaching of Yoga principles. 
The essence of Yoga is Union – uniting our body with our mind and spirit.  With this union, we are also connected to one another through the higher consciousness, which is my goal in sharing the Yoga experience.  Through Asana practice, I hope to bring joy and peace to each one of us.  I currently teach the following styles: Vinyasa; Hatha; Yin; and Partner Yoga.

Jean Froese, CYT, RYT
My journey with yoga began in a gym with no real understanding of the practice other than a “workout”. Great teachers and a passion to learn moved me forward and I eventually trained to teach. I teach yoga because I believe that healing comes to all who come to class, unroll their mats and practice. I teach from my understanding so my personal practice is ongoing and important. I love to learn different styles and techniques of yoga so I can bring these not only to my mat, but to my students as well. It is both humbling and an honor for me teach.

Paige Pellegrino-Teti,CYT - KYTA
"Kripalu Yoga taught me the yoga of consciousness, compassion, and self awareness. In my classes I hope to share and celebrate this wisdom of the body with postures, breathing, meditation, and rest. Fun dialogue will be sprinkled throughout. Most importantly, we will learn and share yoga techniques to get us not only through our yoga practice, but through the rest of the day." Paige is a woman who embodies yoga. She will bring her advanced training and love of yoga to you. She has completed her 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She is also a Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner from The Thai Institute, Arlington, Virginia, and has studied Yin Yoga Training with Paul Grilley in Washington, DC, and East Aurora, New York. In her personal yoga journey she is continuing study with Shanti Desai a yoga master and author from the Kripalu lineage.
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